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Neon / black elastic jumpsuit at front and straps. Emana Fit piece that improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite, providing a smoother and younger skin, with comfort and well-being. High compression fabric that improves performance during physical activity. It exerts uniform pressure on the body, protecting and firming the musculature. Comfort, thermal balance and constant elasticity. Model wears M.
Jumpsuit in Emana Fit.
Emana® is Rhodia's 6.6 intelligent polyamide yarn with long infrared technology that converts human body heat into skin care and sports performance benefits. Thanks to the bioactive minerals embedded in the wire, Emana® absorbs body heat and emits long infrared rays back to the skin, offering thermoregulatory properties and improving blood microcirculation.
Features and Benefits
• The result is a unique formula that improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite, providing smoother, more youthful skin with comfort and well-being.
• For athletes, Emana® improves sports performance by reducing muscle fatigue with lower oxygen consumption. It also contributes to rapid muscle recovery.
• All benefits of Emana® have been scientifically proven. Its clever properties provide a perennial effect even after endless washings.
MODEL: 15230
Emana fit 65% Polyamide / 35% Elastane
Elastic 73.5% Polyester / 26.5% Elastane
100% Polyamide Lining
FABRIC: Emana Fit
BRAND: Oxyfit
Do not machine wash;
Do not pass;
Always store inside out;
Dry in the shade;
Avoid excessive and continuous friction;
Advised to wash separately.
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